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Sell your Home Faster and for Top Dollar with these 34 Simple Ways

Detach your self from the Property

  1. Pack up family photos put away away memorabilia and personal keep sakes.
  2. Turn heavily themed rooms into more neutral spaces.
  3. Half empty your closets.

Buyers are looking for lots of storage space. If your closets are half full, you give the impression of there being more storage space throughout the property.

Focus up Front

4. Make your foyer/entry welcoming and open.

5. Hide utility items like key-holders and coat racks.

6. Add a small bench or vase with flowers.

7. Repaint walls close to the entry way first impressions are important.

Know your Buyers

8. Buyers often are interested in the school district. Have information available regarding the local schools.

9. Leave area Information . Make a list of restaurants, attractions and coffee shops in the area.

10. Decorate in a modern friendly manner.

Cleaning and Rearranging

11. Hire a professional cleaning staff to clean the entire house before your first showing.

12. Pack up and remove 40% of every room in the house.

13. Rearrange furniture to promote a better flow through the house.

14. If needed rent a storage space to put away furniture and belongings.

Decorating Tips

15. Use neutral colors on walls, bring color to your home with furniture and decorations. You don’t want your property too loud or too weak.

16. Be sure all window treatments are clean, fashionable and working properly.

17. Set the dinner table and bars in the house. It helps buyers imagine living in the property.

18. Make sure features like eat in kitchen have furniture in place to show off all the potential in the new home.

19. Condense your dining room table as small as possible to make the room look larger and more spacious.

20. Clean carpets and flooring and replace any areas that cannot be cleaned or repaired.

21. Brighter lights give a better appearance. Use daylight LED bulbs throughout the house. Replace any broken bulbs.

22. Paint or touch-up cabinets showing wear and tear.

Cleaning and Organizing Tips

23. Remove all non-daily linens, clothes and seasonal accessories from closets.

24. Clean all light fixtures and fans.

25. Declutter, remove items from kitchen and bathroom counters like coffee makers, toaster or knick-knacks

Keep it fresh Tips

26. Watch what you cook. Showings can happen any time, avoid fish and strong odors. Keep a “clean smell” .

27. Get a new shower curtain in white or a neutral color.

28. Use fresh flowers, candles and soaps throughout the home.

29. Get rid of kitchen sink odors by rinsing hot salt water down the drain twice a week also grind lemon rinds in the disposal.

30. Clean the garage, repaint , declutter and be sure there are no garbage smells.

31. Pet odors are a turn off use baking soda to remove odd smells from furniture and flooring. Hire a professional service to eliminate these smells if needed.